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However, we will always start from the beginning, so feel free to drop in any time. Enjoy a 45-minute class where you will learn the basics of two dances. 15-minute breaks are allotted for those who want to participate in multiple classes. Since 2005 I have been privileged to study with Tatiana and Oleg, whose encyclopedic knowledge of dancing, skillful and patient instruction, and high level of competitive achievement combine to produce an unforgettable experience.

No partner needed for this class, get ready to hear a lot of country and pop! 15-minute breaks are allotted for those who want to participate in multiple classes. In my opinion, whether the goal is social or competitive dancing, the student will find no better guides to these enchanting and intoxicating worlds (of dance) than Tatiana and Oleg.– Bob W.

Taking privates is a great way to move ahead in a short period of time, but privates are not a substitute for a regular group class.

For this reason, private classes are a privilege of students participating in classes at Live Oak Dance.


Serendipity Dance Studio is located in Celebration, Florida.

You can’t help but evolve into a better dancer when you take lessons with them.

Thank you Oleg & Tatiana, for yesterday, today and tomorrow! From a brief pre-chat, we will determine your dancing goals and needs.

Ballet Technique: An intermediate ballet class for students who have mastered the basic technique and want to expand their ballet vocabulary. Adult Beginner Ballet Class: Open class to all who would like to experiment with ballet!


Pointe Class: A dancer needs strong ballet technique for pointe work.

We teach many styles of Latin Dance, such as salsa, bachata, rumba and cha-cha as well as more traditional styles like Swing, Hustle and Ballroom Dancing for social occasions.


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