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Thank you to Tony Visconti, John Connolly, and Conor Oberst for the interviews. I found that trip to be the most peaceful of all of the tours we did - and it was only days before the election.Thank you to Rough Trade and Redeye for their continued support. Thank you to all of my friends (many mentioned above, the rest know who they are) for their love, kindness and inspiration throughout the years. From the summer onward, Trump's face was all over newsstands.These two new albums capture more than my reactions to mass murders or the passing of beloved heroes like David Bowie or Muhammad Ali.The Sun Kil Moon and Jesu/Sun Kil Moon albums are also full of love, humor, and my gratitude for the gift of life.


My Favorites list for 2016 - Concert: Chuck Prophet and Garland Jeffries at GAMH Fight - Karl Frampton vs Leo Santa Cruz Book - John Connolly - Parker: A Miscellany TV series - Divorce Movie - Green Room Album (that I heard this year) - Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly SKM show: Beijing Jesu/SKM show - Williamsburg Solo show - Sarah Lawrence College Thanks to Glenn Dicker, Dave Jackson, Chris Connolly, Nathan, Will, Robert, Lori Miller, John Connolly, Cameron Crowe, Andy Fischer, Geoff Travis, Ruth, Brian, Ilana, Mitch, Ed, Rosa, Dawn Holiday, The Reid Family, and Nicolas and Katia, for their friendship, support, and kindness throughout the years. —Mark Kozelek 12/16/2016 track list: Disc 1 God Bless Ohio Chili Lemon Peanuts Philadelphia Cop The Highway Song Lone Star Window Sash Weights Sarah Lawrence College Song Butch Lullaby Disc 2 Stranger Than Paradise Early June Blues Bergen To Trondheim I Love Portugal Bastille Day Vague Rock Song Seventies TV Show Theme Song I Love You Forever And Beyond Eternity Justin Broadrick and Mark Kozelek's Jesu/Sun Kil Moon will tour Europe and America this September and November. Mark Kozelek "Sings favorites" release date May 27.

I'm mixing the album in Buffalo, NY, at GCR Studios, as I write this, and will likely release it in early November next year, as the atmosphere of the album is heavily November themed. This year found me on tour to some extent or another every month of the year. It was fun to play outdoor music festivals in Italy and in beautiful venues in the UK, but sad to wake up to terrible news happening back in the USA - mostly in regards to mass shootings.

In addition to this, I've just signed off on final score work for the beautifully directed James Franco film "The Pretenders." Though I only did three tours this year, it was great to share the stage with, and/or make music with many wonderful friends and musicians including Steve Shelley, Sean Yeaton, Scott Mc Pherson, Jim White, Ben Boye, Kevin Corrigan, Josh, Rachel, and Petra Haden, Minna Choi, Neil Finn, Nels Cline, Ramon Fermin, Tony Scherr, Chris Connolly, Holly Throsby, Low, Jordan Cook, and many others. The only time that I was able to completely tune the news out (and the election saga) was during a 5-day trip to China in late October/early November, where they don't have CNN and my band members didn't have easy access to social media.

The lyrics were written on trains and planes between those concert dates and the music was written quickly when we arrived at soundchecks in various cities. On October 1st, 2017 stream the album plus Tony Visconti discusses the album with Mark Kozelek at was a beautiful, busy and crazy soap opera of a year, as well as a very prolific time for me.

The 3 non-original songs on the album include a cover of The Partridge Family's "Come On Get Happy" in honor of the late David Cassidy, a new, amped up cover version of "Rock 'N' Roll Singer" by AC/DC, in honor of the late Malcolm Young (and features Jordan Cook from Reignwolf on guitar), and another track is "Chapter 87" of John Connolly's novel He, set to music. In addition to releasing Jesu/Sun Kil Moon in January, there was also Sings Favorites which is the best album I ever made (according to my dad).

My 2017 favorites list: Favorite concert: Thurston Moore Group at The Chapel, San Francisco Favorite book: Goodwood by Holly Throsby Favorite movie: Snow On Tha Bluff (Netflix) Favorite TV Series: Dice (Showtime) Favorite fight: Mayweather vs Mc Gregor Favorite album: Spain- Live At The Love Song Happy Holidays to all! Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood, for the most part, captures events from January to August of this year and how I processed it all while traveling.


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