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If either of them are involved in this as a second marriage or more, it might take on more conventional and routine demands.

Just be straight with them about everything, from day one.

Be prepared to be analyzed to death and everything you do. They are perfectly fine inside their heads thinking about things. Because they are so busy thinking things to death, they can become disconnected easily and really without even knowing it.

You’ve never dated one before so you have no clue what to expect or how to handle her/him. Pick it apart until the cows come home and then continue to do it right to the bitter end. They have to know this all the time with everything. They don’t care if you want to join the party or not.

Here, we will talk about Aquarians alone – the often difficult to handle and leaves quickly squad. It’s needless to say that being representative of the water-bearer, Aquarians crave space like fish needs water.

They don’t like it when you become too dependent on them. Sometimes that can be too much, sometimes too little. However, Aquarian men don’t need as much space as Aquarian women do.There isn’t much to say about how romance plays out between two Suns of the same sign, before you know the rest of your chart first (I can’t do this part for you from here – you either have to look up your chart or get in touch with me for a reading).


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