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I went for the scallops but secretly wanted to steal the round cod patties on Genea’s the restaurant that keeps its doors open the latest (until 10pm) in Pleasant Bay, which we found out after they reluctantly but graciously accepted my take-out order of seafood chowder when I came knocking on their door at closing.VIEW MOREThomas & Hutton Myrtle Beach, United States Recently voted one of the Best Places to Work in South Carolina, Thomas & Hutton is a privately held professional services company founded in 1946. For some reason, too many visitors to Nova Scotia limit their stay to Halifax.Photo opps are abound so we took full advantage of all the viewpoints along the way. Here, motorcycles are more common than moose sightings.Meet Lu and Ray from Niagara, Ontario, a lovely couple and our neighbours at our motel in Ingonish (lots of motels in Nova Scotia! Lu is a 64-year-old grandmother who’s still living it up like a rock star.The cliffside Oceanside apartment at Gulf Breeze is spacious and comfortable, complete with a jacuzzi tub and double shower.

The Canadian answer to California’s Pacific Coast Highway, the Cabot Trail is one of the most spectacular drives in my country, a circuit that hugs the jagged coastline, passing through quaint villages.As a hotspot for salmon and trout fly fishing, the village attracts many an angler but we were more intrigued by Margaree Harbour Beach where we were dazzled with this sunset, shared with just a few others. This dessert is a favourite in Nova Scotia, found on menus throughout the province.Light, creamy and dreamy, the Dancing Goat served up the most divine coconut cream pie I’ve ever had.Cape Breton Highlands National Park — the vast, mountainous region extending from the Gulf of St.

Lawrence to the Atlantic Ocean — is home to a number of ecosystems and 26 hiking trails, including the famous Skyline Trail (a 20-minute drive from Pleasant Bay).

It’s a bit of a rough ride, punctuated with gorgeous views and hairpin turns on a paved road that turns to dirt and gravel (The reward is a remote, pristine vista of rolling hills and the seascape below that can be enjoyed on one of three hikes.


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    They will rest during the morining and afternoon hours - waiting to feed under the moonlight. Nah - just habit - prey animals ALWAYS seek advantages of cover and concealment. It was my first time hunting outside of my home state of Georgia, now I'm hooked on bowhunting Illinois! Will check my cams again this weekend and hope for a nice surprise! Posted by: Deer Tracking Cameras The last car was also a Toyota - a Corolla (manual transmission, noitnhg in the way of bells or whistles). VERY little ever went wrong with it, and it just purred along. I'll stick with Toyotas I think, as long as they're gonna last!

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    He was a retired accountant who was raised in England, living now in Texas, he said.

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