Quebec dating laws


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Nothing in this Act or in the regulations may be construed as limiting the rights of a worker or certified association under a collective agreement, Act, regulation, decree, order in council or other order.

Every self-employed natural person who, for another person, and without the assistance of workers, carries out work in a workplace where there are workers is subject to the obligations imposed on a worker pursuant to this Act and the regulations.

That other worker may accept to perform the work after being informed that the right of refusal has been exercised, and of the reasons safety representative or the person replacing him if he believes that the performance of the work exposes the worker to danger to his health, safety or physical well-being or exposes another person to similar danger; orthe employer or his agent, if he believes that the performance of the work does not expose the worker to danger to his health, safety or physical well-being or does not expose another person to such danger, or that the corrective measures taken have dissipated the danger.


The inspector shall determine immediately whether or not a danger exists that would justify the worker’s refusal to work. He may also prescribe temporary measures and require that corrective measures be taken within such time as he may determine.

If the certificate is issued by another physician, he must, before issuing it, consult with the physician in charge or, if there is no physician in charge, with the public health director of the region in which the establishment is situated, or the physician designated by him.


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