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The idea was to make it easier for the water to penetrate the twigs and leaves better so that the juices would be released .The less water you used and the longer you brewed the tea and the hotter you drank it seemed to determine the kick you received from drinking Yaupon Tea.We had little to distract us from the beauties that surrounded us each day.I learned to love and respect the different habits of each creature that roamed the woods or lived in the ocean.

One of their boys, Ethan, would bring me either a plant or seeds.

To me, it is still is a joy to observe the different kinds of seeds produced by plants.

It is even a greater joy to have someone give me a seed that I am not familiar with, and to plant that seed and wait eagerly to see what kind of plant it will produce.

This is why many of the Islanders hesitate to share information with outsiders about the usage of Yaupon.


To call someone a Yaupon Eater was to classify them as a poverty stricken backward person.

We used the berry laden branches as Christmas decorations.


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