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Never buy a fixer upper home that has more problems than you feel equipped to handle. Any cracks in a home's foundation should turn you away immediately.

The last thing you want is for your new home to turn into a 'money pit', a project that keeps requiring more money as you learn more things are wrong with it.

Property Source has a private party that offers a No questions asked finance program with No Interest offered to Anyone with No Credit check No Income check.

All wholesale assets are sold as is where is of course.

Buying a fixer upper home in a good neighborhood or desirable location will make it very easy to sell once it's fixed up.

Be sure to look into the location of every fixer upper home you consider. Do the local economy, school system, and other amenities add to the home's desirability or value?


A huge part of buying a fixer upper is being able to foresee costs before you buy and make general estimates as to how much the property will cost to repair, remodel or fix up.

For buyers who want to maximize their potential investment profit, fixer upper homes are often to best answer.

If you're interested in flipping houses, the margins for profit are extremely high, and if you do some of the work on fixing up a home yourself, you're earning equity and adding value to the home without spending a dime, except on supplies.

By buying a fixer upper that had the basics, you can simply add on to them to improve the home, instead of having to break the home down further before you build it back up.


Judging a home's condition is a huge part of choosing the right fixer upper.Just one fixer upper project often earns you a lifetime of repair knowledge that you can use to make more investments in the future and better maintain your properties.



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