Updating your nim image


This will ensure you can easily identify your "image_data" NIM resource file locations, should you have the need for multiple "image_data" resources. A common way to name the file would be in relation to your clientname, for example: server1_image_data.

Run the nim command, or use smitty and the fast path 'nim_mkres' to define the file that you have edited using the steps above: From command line on the NIM master: Define a Resource Type or select values in entry fields. [Entry Fields] * Resource Name [server1_image_data] * Resource Type image_data * Server of Resource [master] * Location of Resource [/export/nim/image_data/server1_image_data] Comments [] Source for Replication [] # lsnim -l server1_image_data server1_image_data: class = resources type = image_data Rstate = ready for use prev_state = unavailable for use location = /export/nim/image_data/server1_image_data alloc_count = 0 server = master What you are looking for are the "lv_data" stanzas.

If this happens, you can either do exactly what it says, copy the installp/ppc/bos.vendor.profile file from your source DVD ISO image into the installp/ppc directory of the LPP source.

Or, you can remove the entire LPP source, then copy the installp/ppc/bos.vendor.profile form the DVD ISO image into the directory that contains the full AIX software set (in the example above: /sw_depot/5300--full), and then re-create the LPP source. If you ignore this warning, then you'll notice that the next step (create a SPOT from the LPP source) will fail.

In particular there is now the capability to use the loopmount command to mount iso images into filesystems.

As an example: The above mounts the AIX 7 base iso as a filesystem called /aix.


ca=drs For a smooth nimadm process, make sure that you clean up as much filesets of your server as possible (get rid of the things you no longer need).If you run into an issue here, where it says that the SPOT cannot be created, because the LPP_SOURCE is missing the simages (short for system images) attribute, because fileset bos.vendor.profile is missing, then this means it is telling you that the LPP_SOURCE doesn't include all the required filesets to create the SPOT.



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