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And now that he's an NBA champ yet again, we couldn't think of a better time to celebrate their beautiful family of five.As expected, the high school sweethearts celebrated the arrival of 2013 in style.Basketball's king of the court is also a superstar dad and husband.We love that Le Bron James celebrates his family life as much as he does his NBA accomplishments.Walker and James were business partners in starting a clothing line in south Florida.Joyce III has started his own summer basketball camp. Weems, it appears, is heading for fulfilling work in an NBA front office. Maybe James buys an NBA team one day and fills the top spots (GM, coach, VP of entertainment, etc) with his friends? He had a small group of close friends when he was young.



Weems even says "if there's an opportunity down the line for us all to be together, then that will be great," though their careers don't seem to be converging now.

He returned home and re-enrolled at the University of Akron.



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